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Any method of losing excess body fat will make you somewhat healthier. At New York City’s Slender Miracle, we think that’s backwards. We have a different approach. You get slender by getting exceptionally healthy. We guide you to superior health and permanent slenderness by combining coaching in Nutritional Excellence with Self-Empowerment Hypnosis. This creates weight loss that lasts.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Weight Loss Approaches

  • Low Calorie
  • Portion Control
  • Low Carb
  • Exercise
  • Low Fat

Low-Calorie Diet Advantages

Losing weight on a low-calorie version of the Standard American Diet (SAD) has the advantage of containing many low-calorie foods that look exactly like the foods you were accustomed to eating. If you can get by the lack of taste, you can pretend you're not on a diet.

Low-Calorie Diet Disadvantages

Unsatisfying meals and strong cravings for fattening foods.

Portion Control Advantages

You can eat the foods you’ve grown accustomed to.

Portion Control Disadvantages

It can be very frustrating to leave the table hungry. You think about food all day wishing you could eat.

Low-Carb Diet Advantages

Eat all the fattening beef, butter and bacon you want and still lose weight due to an emergency adaption in your body called ketosis.

Low-Carb Diet Disadvantages

Bad breath, reduction of blood flow to your heart, artery blockage, men may experience erectile dysfunction and diabetics can lose their kidney function inside of one year. When your doctor is scared by your test numbers and orders you off the diet the weight regain is rapid.

Exercise Advantages

Overall health improvement. You can burn off calories from some of the unhealthful food you been eating. Improved fitness, muscle tone and muscular development.

Exercise Disadvantages

A small amount of excess dietary calories require a tremendous amount of exercise just to break even. In order to achieve your weight loss goal you must have a great deal of time available. If other aspects of your life start to demand more attention and you take a break from exercise, much of the weight will return.

Low Fat Diet Advantages

If done healthfully on a whole food plant-based diet you experience over all health improvement, heart disease and prostate cancer have both been shown to reverse.

Low Fat Diet Disadvantages

The prescribed 10% of calories from fat is not enough for some people to thrive on the diet. With so little fat, fewer vital micronutrient are absorbed, although they are higher than on an animal-based low-carb diet or on the SAD..

Slender Miracle’s Nutritional Excellence Program Advantages

Rapid permanent weight loss, remarkable health, powerful immune system, far fewer sick days, avoidance of heart disease and cancer and strokes, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease at arthritis, reversal of Type II diabetes and high blood pressure, delicious food, more energy, better digestion, slower aging and longer life.

Slender Miracle’s Nutritional Excellence Program Disadvantages

Your friends may be envious of your success if you choose not to tell them your secret. Your life may become more complicated when you discover that you are attracting new love interests. You may become conceited when you are receiving daily compliments. You may need to buy a new wardrobe. If you are accustomed to plus size unstylish clothing, you may need to learn about modern fashion.

Slender Miracle’s Nutritional Excellence Program Advantages

Rapid permanent weight loss, remarkable health, powerful immune system, far fewer sick days, avoidance of heart disease and cancer and strokes, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease at arthritis, reversal of Type II diabetes and high blood pressure, delicious food, more energy, better digestion, slower aging and longer life.

Slender Miracle’s Self Empowerment Hypnosis Disadvantages

(Watch this site, we are trying to think of some.)

Craving SOS 

Childhood experiences can affect you for the rest of your life.You crave foods that you know are not in your best interest. How can this be? Certainly, part of it may be psychological. Perhaps when you were a child you were rewarded with these foods when your parents wanted to show you love. OR maybe your parents knew how disease promoting these foods were, so they protected you from them, and you felt deprived.

The Failure Of Willpower

You try to fight this programming with willpower. Your subconscious mind fights back and the cravings become even more intense. Without respecting your subconscious needs, your efforts are doomed to failure.

The Answer To Fighting Your Programming

Self-Empowerment Hypnosis is a very powerful and effective way to fight cravings. You can eliminate your psychologically induced cravings and at the same time have your subconscious mind experience the love and reward that it needs.

There Is However Much More To It Than That.

Many foods that you crave were designed to be addictive. The food industry, like all industries, exists to create profit. A company’s overriding obligation is to their shareholders. Not to you.

If they can get you addicted to their product, you will come back again and again. Many of these foods (or as author Michael Pollan calls them, edible food-like substances) are developed to create cravings.


The high levels of salt, oil and sugar (that former FDA Commissioner David Kessler refers to as SOS) are deliberately added to the ingredients for the purpose of activating the neurotransmitter known as dopamine in your brain. They can actually create a euphoric high.

Chemical Addiction To Foods

For years, it was thought that these foods only created a psychological addiction. While psychological addiction is very real, we now know that there is also actual chemical addiction to these dangerous SOS foods.

Delicious, Healthy And Satisfying

By switching to a Nutritarian Diet filled with micronutrient rich foods, your taste buds get much healthier just like the rest of the cells in your body. As a result, health promoting foods become even more desirable than the edible food-like substances that you used to crave.

Compulsive Eating

When you're addicted to the SOS infused foods, there is often a compulsion to satisfy your craving with a fix of dopamine to change your mood. These micronutrient poor foods over stimulate the pleasure center of your brain, and when it wears off, a craving takes over.

What Goes Up, Must Come Down.

If you have ever felt high from indulging in your cravings, followed by a depressed feeling or fatigue, then you have experienced food addiction.

Shortened Lives

Your food addiction grows worse over time. Because of the health destroying effects of these foods, you can die years earlier, unnecessarily abandoning your loved ones, perhaps after an extended period of suffering or anhedonia (the inability to enjoy the ordinary pleasures of life).

Food Addiction Is Drug Addiction

Food addiction is now understood to be just another type of drug addiction. Foods that have quickly absorbed calories are absorbed with an unhealthful speed. This acts as a signal to the area of your brain that experiences reward, resulting in an addicting release of dopamine while you're eating these foods.

Problem Foods

The problem foods are white flour, processed sugar, oil, high sodium foods as well as high fat meats and dairy. By over stimulating the dopamine production with low micronutrient SOS foods, you can create a temporary sense of euphoria. If that doesn’t seem so bad, consider that it is generally followed by depression, anhedonia (an inability to experience pleasure), a lack of energy and an unfocused mind.

Addictive foods even cause a buildup of health destroying metabolic waste. In addition to being unhealthful, these foods are fattening.


In trying to satisfy your addiction you become addicted to overeating. This is because the experience of withdrawal symptoms from metabolic toxins occurs when you’re not eating or digesting.


Toxic hunger symptoms may include a headache, stomach cramps or exhaustion. Whenever you stop doing something that is unhealthy and yet you feel worse, what you're experiencing is withdrawal symptoms. This happens when people give up anything to which they are physically addicted. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, other drugs or unhealthful foods or beverages, the results are very similar. Headaches, shaking, stomach cramping or nausea, or feeling of emotional discomfort, lack of self-control, anxiety, impulsiveness, hostility, aggression, compulsiveness, impaired concentration and an inability to reason. You have to eat just to feel normal again. This is why dieting can be so impossible.

Common Does Not Equal Normal

Although food addiction is very common, it is not normal. Normal is having a healthy, well functioning appetite that guides you to properly nourish your body.


If you want to be forever free of food addiction, you need to eliminate or drastically cut down on the intake of salty, fatty, sugary and highly processed foods. Eating a very high micronutrient, high fiber, whole food plant-based diet is the only thing that works. By flooding your system with high-nutrient foods, your detoxification channels return to normal. It becomes far easier to lose weight. The side effect of fantastically good health is wonderful bonus.


Eating a Nutritarian diet leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction, without the fattening and disease producing disadvantages of low micronutrient, low fiber eating. We can enjoy delicious food and also enjoy wonderful health, energy and longevity, free of the cravings from toxic hunger.

Food And Depression

A diet of low-nutrient, low fiber, high glycemic foods can make you feel depressed. Depression makes food addiction even tougher to deal with. Abstaining from unhealthy, addictive foods may seem tough at first, but you will be delighted with the results of your efforts. As your taste buds become healthier, you will start to prefer healthful foods. You’ll reverse current illnesses and prevent new diseases, freeing you from an early death preceded by years of infirmity and suffering.

What To Do

  • Eliminate sugar, oil. salt and refined grains.
  • Eat whole plant foods.
  • Eat little or nothing from an animal.
  • Eat lots of raw and/or cooked vegetables.
  • Eat legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruit.

A Powerful Combination

Nutritarian Diet and Self-Empowerment Hypnosis Eating a Nutritarian Diet as is described in these pages will make a major difference in eliminating your cravings. Self Empowerment Hypnosis can accelerate the process and make this transformation easier than you ever would have believed. Self-Empowerment Hypnosis can make it easy. Call Slender Miracle today!

Is Surgery The Answer?

Science tells us that dieting has proven to be so unhealthful and ineffective that doctors have taken to advocating extremely invasive and potentially dangerous weight loss surgery. Just think of it! Even risky surgery is safer and healthier than repetitive yo-yo dieting. When you repeatedly lose and then regain weight, you accumulate life threatening visceral fat around your organs.

Slender Miracle is your healthy alternative! Get slender by getting healthy!

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Permanent Weight Loss Science

People lost more weight in this study than in any other scientific study on any diet in the history of medical research. The following study explains the missing piece to the puzzle. Read the complete study here.

Effect Of A High Nutrient Density Diet On Long-Term Weight Loss

Barbara Sarter Ph.D. T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. Joel Fuhrman M.D.

Background: A high nutrient density (HND) vegetable-based diet offers a dietary model extremely low in saturated fat as well as refined carbohydrates and emphasizes a liberal intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. We conducted a retrospective chart review of patients who came to a family practice office seeking nutritional counseling for weight loss. All of these patients were prescribed an HND diet in an extended counseling session with a family physician.

Methods: A convenience sample (N=56) of all patients seeking dietary counseling for weight loss from a family practice physician in a 3-year period was included in the chart review. No personal identifying data were recorded. The initial counseling sessions averaged 1 hour in length. Patients were provided with a sample HND daily meal plan and recipes and with verbal and written information about the rationale for the diet. Data recorded from patients' charts at 6-month intervals for up to 2 years of follow-up (when available) included weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, triglycerides, and cholesterol: HDL ratio. Non-parametric statistical testing using the Friedman rank order (exact) test for k-related samples was conducted. A follow-up survey on adherence and medication use was completed by 38 patients.

Results: Of the 33 patients who returned for follow-up after 1 year, the mean weight loss was 31 lbs (P=.000). Of the 19 patients who returned after 2 years, the mean weight loss was 53 lbs (P=.000), mean cholesterol fell by 13 points, LDL by 15 points, triglycerides by 17 points, and cardiac risk ratio dropped from 4.5 to 3.8. Changes in systolic and diastolic blood pressure were highly significant at all follow-up time intervals (P<.001). There was a significant correlation between adherence and degree of weight loss (P=.011).

Conclusions: Weight loss was sustained in patients who returned for follow-up and was more substantial in those who reported good adherence to the recommendations. However, many patients were lost to follow-up. Favorable changes in lipid profile and blood pressure were noted. An HND diet has the potential to provide sustainable, significant, long-term weight loss and may provide substantial lowering of cardiac risk in patients who are motivated and provided with extended one-on-one counseling and follow-up visits. Development of tools to aid in patient retention is an area for possible further study. Clinical trials with long-term follow-up are needed to further test the therapeutic potential and to examine adherence and follow-up issues related to this dietary approach. An HND diet as demonstrated with this group may be the most health-favorable and effective way to lose weight for appropriately motivated patients. (Altern Ther Health Med.2008;14(3):48-53.)

Slenderness Everlasting

It’s Slender Miracle for Slenderness Everlasting. New York City’s Slender Miracle, utilizing modern nutritional science offers you the body you’ve been dreaming of. Experience remarkable health improvements that will surprise and delight your doctor. We offer Nutritional Excellence training for rapid permanent weight loss multiply its many benefits by employing Self Empowerment Hypnosis to make it easy.

Our founder, Stephen James Pastor has been practitioner of hypnosis since 1984. His knowledge of nutritional science has been instrumental in helping Slender Miracle multiply the benefits of hypnosis for weight loss.

Steve first decided to study hypnosis after being greatly impressed by its ability to help him lose stubborn weight and finally quit smoking, virtually without effort. He has had a lifelong desire to help people and realized that hypnosis is the ultimate tool for effective life change. He receives a great deal of joy as he shares in the successes of his clients.

Doctors and scientists agree, chronic overweight and obesity is a disease. At Slender Miracle we take this seriously and help you become slender by greatly improving your overall health through Nutritional Excellence Coaching. So not only do you look great! You feel great!