Why You MUST Read This Site1

You’ve dieted many times. You’ve tried different diets. You keep gaining back more than you loss. You blame yourself. You repeat the cycle. Sound familiar?

Do you want to get out of this endless loop? Do you want to get slender forever? Then learn the causes of this dilemma and get the body you deserve.

The weight loss industry depends on your repeat business. At New York City’s Slender Miracle, we take a different approach. We know that after we’ve helped you, you’re not going to need us again. That’s why we depend on your referrals. Not your repeat business. Achieve permanent success. Let us help you make it faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Yo-Yo dieting causes a potentially deadly increase in visceral fat. That’s fat that forms around your vital organs. We will show you why dieting is a temporary solution. We will show you why dieting is a harmful solution. We will show you that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Most importantly YOU CAN BE PERMANENTLY SLENDER and FEEL MUCH BETTER and LIVE MUCH LONGER. But you’ve got to take action!


New York City's Slender Miracle, offers you fast permanent weight loss with remarkable health improvements that will surprise and delight your doctor. We offer nutritional excellence training for permanent weight loss using hypnosis to make it easy.

Our founder, Stephen James Pastor has been helping people with hypnosis since 1984. His extensive knowledge of nutritional science has been instrumental in helping him multiply the benefits of hypnosis for weight loss just as hypnosis has made the nutritional improvements far more effective.

Steve first studied hypnosis after being surprised and delighted by its ability to help him lose weight and quit smoking, virtually without any effort. He has had a lifelong desire to help people and realized that hypnosis is the ultimate tool for effective life change. He receives a great deal of joy as he witnesses the life changing successes of each client.